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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Also moving on

Well, since hannah is over and there isnt any new or rare stuff coming out, its time to say goodbye. Well, like the owner, i have also moved on to Lady GaGa, but i also have moved on to Katy Perry and Ke$ha. And yes i will always have a place for miley. well, its bittersweet but it is time to say goodbye. Thank you all so much for coming to the blog and making it so successful. who knows, in the future i might open a Kesha,Katy, Miley, and GaGa blog. But for now i leave you all and say goodbye. To the owner, thanks for letting me be a part of something as great as this. Thanks for all the memories we've left here and i'll see you at the new site. Well, bye to all the Hannah fans and i leave here with a smile thanks to all of you.
Thanks to You All
You can catch me on the new site onyxhotel and on onlinemediasource. Im hannahmileyfan.
Just to leave you all will something, i read that Miley is starting to record a new album so keep on the look for more info later on.


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