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Friday, January 28, 2011

Miley Cyrus Mega Pack Updates

Good news everyone. Im finished with the mega pack. However, it wont be posted until the Hannah Pack is posted so keep visiting the site before its too late.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everybody please join fame world

please please please please please!!!!!!
We need more people on it, so please join :)
If you join and let me know your from hmw(this site) i will give you things(like rare hm1,2,3,4 pics)
Please join now and help me make the site big! When there is a lot of members there is more posts which means there is more pics and music and so on, you might even find rares! Fame World is not only about Hannah Montana It's about a lot of stars like Lady Gaga , Jessica Mauboy, Britney Spears, Katy Perry and more stars!!!! No need to pay! Everything is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Join now to be part of this new and great site!!!!!!!!!

Promo Posters

gif animation maker

I hope you all like it:)

Miley Cyrus Mega Pack Update

Updates for the Miley Cyrus Mega Pack

1. There will be 3 seperate links
*for songs *for video *for pictures
- All Miley Cyrus Cd's
- Unreleased songs
- Remixes
- Instrumentals
- Live Songs
3. Videos
- Music Videos
- Extra: Shake It
4. Pictures
- HM 1 Miley Promos
- HM 2 Miley Promos
- HM Forever Miley Promos
- Various Photoshoots
- Exclusive HMW Young Miley Cyrus Photshoot

* More updates will be available at a later time:)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fame World's backup site is up and ready for you to join

The backup site is for if the main site ever is down
if it ever is down you can still talk to your friends on the backup site!!!
so join and get ready for the main site!
I will post updates on the backup sites to ok :)

Hannah Montana Mega Pack! Update :)

here is the updates

i will post how many things there are in it so far

Hannah Montana Mega Pack
season1. 68
season2. 26

i will update this every time i get to!
how many times has this been updated : 5

hope you like what i made

it's not the best :(

Miley Cyrus Mega Pack

It is sad but this is one of the last post on this site. It is called the Miley Cyrus Mega Pack.
It will include Every Miley Song relesed, various photoshoots, the hmw exclusive young photoshoot, remixes, music videos, fonts and much more. Make sure to visit the site before it closes on your chance to download the Miley Cyrus Mega Pack.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My new site will be Fame World This blog stie will become "Fame World The Blog"

There will be two parts of Fame World, First one and the main one is a forum just like hr-encodes, the other one is going to be this, this sites url will, right now it's http://disney-hannahmontanaworld.blogspot.com/ it will most likely become http://disney-fameworld.blogspot.com/ . I might even take out the word disney, Both of the real links will be posted before closing down!

Just so you all know!
There will be a post where you all get to vote on what i should use as a logo for fame world, and also the logo used will be one of the ones you all will be voting for!

Hannah Montana 3