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Friday, September 25, 2009


i need someone to help me run one of my sites and it's called hannah montana pics only.If you would like to help then comment in where it says comment or email me.(i will give you pics to post and if you like you can post some of your own pics thank you)


I will be back soon.
i will miss posting on this,because i don't think i can post any thing from there(where i'm going)

page 3 4

heres pahe 3 and page(it'staking long time to upload pics,so i will do it some time later,it's1:58 and i need to wake up at 7:00 or 6:30 cause i'm going some where for about 2 weeks)
Credit me if any pages used any where!!!
thank you :)


sorry that the pics are tagged on the banner.Idon't want poeple to take it yet.Iwill give it away soon(i will give away some pics from that and others ones i have after i come back)


today is the last day for photo give away
because i will mybe not be back for about two weeks.I will try to get on:)
heres todays 4 pics.the 2nd pic is jpg thats all

Thursday, September 24, 2009

dose any one have this

dose any one have this game?

if you do can you send me the download link or the game(i will post the download if the person who gives it two me lets!!.if you give my game on msn chat i will up load the game to mediafire if you let!)
email link
in a msn chat send it


two more
it's late night
i don't want to sleep so i'm doing this ,i was going to do this Tomorrow
enjoy the pics
i'm carzy because i'm giving away so many good pictures
sad for me:(
good for you:)
now more i will give Tomorrow


here are more pics
i'm only uplaoding two at a time ok!
Do not take it and say it was yours ok
or i will stop posting more or i will tag them
it's Transparent !
i will tell you when i post a pic that is not Transparent :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

new pic

it's picture give away time!!

hannah pic book

page 1 and 2
Credit me if any pages used any where!!!
thank you :)

hannah pic book on set is done.

download coming soon
here the pic i said i will give when it's done
i hope you will like the book

Hannah Montana 3